• Omni – Hardware

    Where is what In the box Screen Battery Sensors & Connectivity

  • Offline maps

    It can be done via the main Settings menu > Offline maps > choose requested regions > tap ˝Download regions˝ button and wait for the download to be completed.

  • FAI assistant

    So how does the FAI Triangle Assistant work in SeeYou Navigator? It’s as simple as turning on the FAI Area feature in the Layers menu and starting your flight. As you progress along the first leg of your flight, you’ll notice two oddly shaped areas to the left and right…

  • Fanet & Flarm

    Fanet & Flarm are integrated into the Oudie N with the Fanet+ module originally developed by Skytraxx. It is a single module that combines Flarm and Fanet technologies in a single module, with some limitations on the Flarm part. It supports the full functionality of the Fanet network while providing…

  • Hybrid Live-tracking

    Flarm. Fanet. Open Glider Network. You have likely heard of at least one of these technologies. They are widely used in our sports for How are they relevant? SeeYou Navigator and Oudie N Fanet+ take the benefits of each of these technologies to a new level. The offline solutions of Fanet and Flarm are…

  • DigiFly AirPro Pitot

    Compatibility The DigiFly AirPro Pitot flight instrument is compatible with Oudie N Free flight, Fanet+ and SeeYou Navigator app installed on any modern smart-phone. DigiFly AirPro Pitot Configuration There is some configuration required on the DigiFly AirPro Pitot device before pairing it with SeeYou Navigator or Oudie N. Pairing with…

  • Vario sound

    How do I control vario sound? You can control the audio settings of the Vario. Find this option via: Menu > Settings > Vario.  Custom vario settings As you’d expect, this is the vertical height gain/loss indicator. It is configured via Menu > Hardware > Vario The filter has the option…

  • Move glider position

    Not happy with the default aircraft position after setting up your own Navboxes layout? No problem – here is an easy way to change it! Just tap and hold the Aircraft icon (arrow) and drag it to the new position😉

  • Full-screen mode

    It hides OS menu buttons (Android) or removes the status bar (iOS) while you are using the app. Full-screen can be activated from the Menu > Settings > Other > Full-screen mode

  • Auto Zoom

    The auto-zoom function optimally adjusts the zoom level of the map at any time. This means that you do not need to zoom in yourself when you approach the task point or zoom out when one is checked and you navigate to the next task point. Autozoom can be Activated…