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How to add buddy?

Adding a OGN or Flarm Buddy is super easy. Just navigate to Menu > Radar Points or click anywhere on the map and click “Radar”.

Next, select the a radar target you wish to add as a buddy and click “Edit” at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the information about the buddy and click “Add to buddy list”. 

Your buddies are shown in the list colored orange. And will be always shown on the map, regardless of the map zoom level.

You can also add a buddy manually via “Buddies” list by navigating to Menu > Settings > Buddies.

Note: To see radar points your Oudie needs to be connected to a Flarm or Open Glider Network 

How to see buddy?

Oudie will show you all OGN and FLARM targets at or below the “Radar Zoom” which can be set at Menu > Settings > Radar.

For the above picture all radar targets will be shown at map zoom 10km or lower. Buddies however have a special status and are shown all the time! Like this

Next to the buddy you can see his competition ID, his absolute altitude and his vario value.

Updated on March 26, 2021

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