Add Competition Waypoint and Airspace files

Default Airspace and Waypoint files are associated to the competition in Edit Competitions > Files on the Soaring Spot website. Note that only one waypoint and one airspace file is supported at the moment due to restrictions on some flight computers.

These are the only files SeeYou will use for scoring. If you use more than one computer for scoring this is the best way to make sure that everybody is using the correct files.

You are free to add or remove these files at any time – just make sure the competitors know that these files have changed. Changes will be published to the Soaring Spot Download page of your competition as soon as SeeYou uploads the competition data for the first time.

After successful “Publish to Soaring Spot” action in SeeYou the pilots will also be able to download Airspace and Waypoint files formatted for their flight instruments – automatically on the Download page of Soaring Spot.

Updated on April 16, 2021

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