Add pilots to the competition

Adding pilots to the competition is one of the first things you need to do after you have created the competition at Soaring Spot.

The process is straight forward: 

  1. Run SeeYou (make sure you are using the latest version)
  2. Select File > Open Competition and login to get the list of competitions you are allowed to manage
  3. Select the competition (and class if applicable) to open the competition. First time it opens as a blank list with no pilots. Later it displays the pilot list or the newest competition day.
  4. To enter a new pilot select Edit > Add Pilot. A blank page opens where you can enter all details
  5. In case of double seater gliders or when pilots share competition days in the same glider you can add more pilots by clicking on the ‘+’ button in the Note: When multiple pilots are entered their Family names will be displayed in the results separated by an ‘&’ sign. To see an example click here
  6. Data about the glider is entered in the Glider section of the Add Pilot dialog: Note: If the glider has no engine it is suggested that you check the “Pure glider” checkbox. That will eliminate unnecessary “High ENL” warnings in scoring.
  7. Flight recorder unique IDs should be entered in the Flight Recorder box. Note: you can load the Flight Recorder IDs automatically ba using the “Load from IGC” button at the bottom of the dialog. Comprehensive explanation about what to enter in the Flight Recorder box is here.
  8. The “Not competing” checkbox is for guests in your competition. For example when Japanese pilots come to fly in the European Championships they should not affect the scoring of the pilots from Europe. Tick “Not competing” for pilots who should not influence the scoring of the pilots competing for a cup. Such pilots will be marked “HC” (hors councours) in the results. If non-competing pilot wins the day it is possible the he will score more than 1000 points in order for the first competing pilot to get the deserved 1000 points for the day. Example:

 When submitting results to the IGC Ranking List you will need to have the IGC Ranking List IDs filled for each competitor. The suggested way to enter competitors is to use the Search Box in Add Pilot dialog.

Updated on April 16, 2021

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