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Altitude QNH (Alt)Altitude above sea level.
Flight level (FL)Altitude above standard atmosphere pressure.
Height AGL (Agl)Altitude above the ground.
Altitude m QNH (Alt m)Altitude in meters QNH (regardless of the units you are currently using).
Altitude ft QNH (Alt ft)Altitude in feet QNH (regardless of the units you are currently using).
Ground elevation (Gnd)Terrain elevation vertically below the glider position.
GPS Altitude (GPSAlt)GPS altitude.
Altitude QNH 2.5h (Alt 2.5h)Altitude you were at 2.5h ago.
Altitude Above Takeoff (aToff)Altitude above or below the detected takeoff position.
Altitude gained (AltGain)Altitude you gained/lost from the entry in the last (current) thermal.
Arrival altitude (Arrival) Expected Arrival altitude at the selected waypoint, taking the distance, MC, wind, glider polar, bugs and ballast into account. It is corrected for reserve altitude. “Arrival altitude” will be positive when the glider is above the calculated glide slope, and negative when it is below the calculated glide slope. 
Required Altitude (ReqAlt)Estimated altitude loss from current position to target taking into account current MC, polar and wind.
Task arrival altitude (tArr)Arrival altitude to goal, taking into account current MC, polar and wind.
Task required altitude (tReqAlt)Altitude required to complete the task.   
Conical end speed section (Cone)Main value is optimum speed to reach cone as quickly as possible. Displayed on the third line is calculated minimum thermal required to allow you to reach cone sooner in straight flight.
Updated on March 12, 2021

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