Animate a flight

Viewing and animating flight(s) is one of the main reasons you will want to use SeeYou.Cloud in the first place!

.. Any flight is automatically opened in 2D view automatically:

.. By using the 3D Map action button you may change the view to stunning 3D! To enhance the experience, you may also use left and right Map action toolbar buttons. They will tell you the actions if you go across them with a mouse marker:

.. To start animating opened flight press Play action button on the bottom left corner of SeeYou window

.. As you see Graph Window is also displayed by default. It includes:
   . Flight properties (pilot name)
   . Tracklist
   . Barogram (and terrain elevation)

.. You may want to change the default graph display via:

.. Graphs (Graph value parameters) featured in SeeYou.Cloud are:
  . Pressure altitude,
  . GPS altitude,
  . True Air Speed,
  . GPS Speed,
  . Heading,
  . True track,
  . Vario,
  . Wind direction,
  . Wind speed,
  . Fix accuracy,
  . QNE,
  . FL (Flight Level),
  . Distance on task,
  . Speed on task,
  . Speed on task (30min),
  . L/D to finish.

.. You can control the appearance and behavior of the graph by:
  . turning ON/OFF Track list or/and Barogram:

  . changing Flight properties:

To move the glider along the track with keyboard use the left/right Arrow keys and Space for Start/Pause replay. They will allow you to position the glider symbol anywhere on the flight to examine flight parameters at any given time of the flight. Note: For more keyboard shortcuts press keybinding ˝K˝ on the keyboard:

Updated on April 19, 2021

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