Awesome SeeYou Maps

One of the most frequent things we’ve been hearing from you guys lately was: “Man, I wish my Hyper had the same SeeYou.Cloud maps that Oudie has!”. 

With an active SeeYou Subscription you can download maps directly to your Hyper in just a few clicks:

1. Login to SeeYou Cloud at

2. Download and install the latest Naviter Updater:

3. Run Naviter Updater and update the Hyper to version 3.02

4. Pair Hyper to SeeYou Cloud (My devices):

5. Select maps regions you would like to have on your Hyper:

6. Wait that Naviter Updater transfer SeeYou Maps on the Hyper and you´re done!Don’t have the SeeYou subscription yet? You can get the SeeYou Maps and most advanced flight planning and analysis software here:

Updated on March 29, 2021

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