Bluetooth Dongle for LX Navigation – User port


This Bluetooth dongle is compatible with all LX Navigation Era, Eos, Helios and 10k variometers with a User port in the back.


No configuration is needed. Simply plug it into the User port, start the flight instrument and Naviter BT Dongle will become visible after 20 seconds.

The moment it becomes visible as a Bluetooth device, it is ready to transmit data to SeeYou Navigator or Oudie N.


  1. Plug it into the USER port on your LX Navigation device
  2. Turn the device on and wait for 20 seconds
  3. Run SeeYou Navigator
  4. Go to Menu > Devices
  5. Pair the “Naviter BLE” dongle

Make absolutely sure that you are connecting the right version of the Naviter Bluetooth Dongle to your flight computer. Failing to do so will result in damage to the Dongle, the flight computer, or both.

Renaming the Dongle

In an environment where several dongles are visible to SeeYou Navigator, such as in the club and at a competition, giving your Dongle a unique name is a good idea. Renaming the Naviter Bluetooth Dongle is easy with SeeYou Navigator.

This procedure assumes you have already paired the Naviter Bluetooth Dongle with SeeYou Navigator. If you did not, read above for instructions.

  1. Run SeeYou Navigator.
  2. Go to Menu > Devices.
  3. Make sure “Naviter BLE” is paired and connected.
  4. Tap on “Naviter BLE” device to open the menu.
  5. Choose “Rename dongle”
  6. Enter any name that will uniquely identify the dongle, then click Save.

Choose a short and easy name to recognize for the Naviter Bluetooth Dongle. Competition sign, glider registration or device type is a good choice in most cases.

If you choose “D-7111” as the new name of your Dongle, it will broadcast its name as

  • Naviter D-7111 BLE” in SeeYou Navigator
  • Naviter D-7111 BT20” on Oudie

You will enjoy flying with the Naviter Bluetooth Dongle.


This dongle is NOT compatible with standard IGC pinout. You must Only use this product with LX Navigation – User port. Failing to do so will result in damage to device or dongle.

Lx Navigation Dongle pinout:
1: VCC (12V)
2: NC
3: NC
4: TX, Transmit from Dongle
5: RX, Receive to Dongle
6: GND

Updated on February 17, 2022

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