Changing Display Options

How do I change the information displayed by Oudie?

The type of information shown on screen can be selected to display (or not) in the Display options.

Find this option via: Menu > Display options. 

You can configure each of the following information types to display (or not).

  • Map (Terrain Maps)
  • Airspace
  • Way- points
  • Task
  • Nav- boxes
  • Track
  • Radar
  • Move Navboxes
  • Target 
  • Distance circles
  • Side view
  • Terrain
  • Track vector
  • Terrain collision
  • Task Bar 
  • Radar labels
  • Radar traces
  • Thermal assistant
  • Distance to airspace
  • FAI Area
  • Optimi- zation
  • Triangle optimization
  • Quick Pan
  • Vario
  • Command bar 

When the option box displays green the information will display.

Updated on March 12, 2021

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