Changing the results manually

Normally flights will be evaluated automatically with the Auto Evaluate feature. You need to get the Auto Evaluate feature to score 99% of the files automatically. Otherwise you are doing something wrong. But things happen and in rare cases the flights have to be evaluated manually.

Anything calculated automatically by Auto evaluate, can be corrected through the Day Performance dialog. Day performance dialog is also accessible by double clicking on a pilot’s line in the Contest window. Values in brackets are variable names for these items in the script.

Flight file

Use the Open icon to change the IGC flight file which is evaluated. This is neccessary if a pilot delivers  the second logger for example. If the pilot uses several loggers, all delivered files are listed here and the first one is used. To change it, select the other file, then press Recalculate. 

Tag (Pilots[i].Tag)

Use the Tag feature to pass any kind of a string to the script. How to use it is down to your imagination.

Flight scored manually checkbox lets the program know that Soaring begin, Soaring end or other parameters were edited manually. Flight will not be recalculated after a full reset of the results to keep the entered values. 

Soaring begin  determines the time from which the pilot’s performance is calculated. 

Soaring end

If you wish to score a pilot to a certain point other than his landing (like entering forbidden airspace e. g.), type the time until which you wish to score the flight. Setting soaring begin and soaring end is similar to setting markers in SeeYou. 


This will turn all data from a pilot to 0. It will delete the automatically evaluated data and whatever was  changed. 


will run the auto evaluate feature for the selected flight again.

Take off (Pilots[i].takeoff)

Determines whether or not a pilot took off. In most scripts this affects the number of competitors with a  competition launch on that day. Set it to 00:00:00 if you wish to say, the pilot did not fly. Or set it to something (10:00:00 e.g.) if you wish to tell the script the pilot flew on a given day. 

Start (Pilots[i].sstart)  

Determines the time of crossing the start line. 

Finish (Pilots[i].sfinish)  

Determines the time of crossing the finish line. 

Speed (Pilots[i].sspeed)

Is a calculated value as a ratio between Distance and (Finish time-Start time)

Distance (Pilots[i].sdis)  

Determines the scoring distance for the flight. 

Penalty (Pilots[i].penalty)

The scorer can enter penalty points. How they are deducted depends on the implementation in the script.

Points (Pilots[i].points)

They are returned from the script. However, if you wish, you can enter whatever number in here.


This field is supposed for comments about the flight or pilot to be printed in results.

Start Points

In the case of using multiple start points in competition this item tells the program which start points are  allowed for a pilot on a given day.

Updated on April 16, 2021

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