Charging the Battery

How do I charge Oudie’s internal battery? 

There are three ways to do it:

  1. Connect the wall charger cable to AC 110-240 V power source and insert the connector to the charging slot on the Oudie (fast charge – takes 6 hours to full charge). 
  2. Connect the car charger to the DC 12-24 V source and insert the connector to the mini USB slot on the Oudie (slow charge – takes 10 hours to full charge). 
  3. Connect the USB cable to an external Power Pack battery or PC (slow charge – takes 10 hours to full charge).

The Charging light indicates the charging status of the Oudie 4.

  • Green light indicates the device’s internal battery is fully charged. 
  • The orange light indicates that the battery is charging. 
  • Blue light indicates Oudie 4 is connected to the computer. 

Note: Charging Oudie battery during the flight is possible only with the supplied USB charger cable (the one with the round fast charger connector.) Connecting a cable to the mini USB port on the Oudie in flight will stop the data and vario!

Updated on March 26, 2021

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