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You can now see all the devices sending their location to Open Glider Network (OGN). This includes gliders equipped with Flarm, general aviation sending ADS-B and transponder signals as well as paragliders flying with Fanet equipped devices. When OGN service is enabled Oudie Live will transmit your own location to OGN as well to enable live tracking.

Note: Oudie must be connected to Oudie Live. See how it’s done here.

Navigate to: Menu > Settings > Oudie Live > OGN

You will be greeted with the dialog, where you can select the following options:

Stealth ModeWill hide your ID in the Open Glider Network and you will not be identifiable by other users of Open Glider Network
No Track ModeWill hide your position from the Open Glider Network. 
My Flarm IDEnter the ID of the Flarm Radio ID that is flying onboard your aircraft that is NOT connected to your Oudie. This way you will not see the Flarm position sent to OGN from your Flarm and hence yourself in the radar display. Usually you can find this ID on the Flarm itself.
Prefer OGN stealth targetsDecide which <stealth> targets to show when connected to Flarm
EnabledThis will enable the OGN integration

Click on Verify to see if the connection is working.

Note: You can tell your own ID to your friends, this way they can add you as a buddy. See the article: Adding a buddy

If you connect your Oudie to Flarm, Oudie will act as an OGN antenna in the sky, relaying the information about other gliders to OGN. We carefully designed this so that the use of data on your phone is minimal.

Make sure you see OGN targets by enabling the “Radar” in Menu > Display Options

Updated on March 26, 2021

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