1. On/Off
  2. Reset
  3. Volume Up
  4. Volume Down
  5. Page
  6. Zoom Out
  7. Zoom In
  8. Go to

Hardware buttons control the following functions:

On/Off: This also locks the unit, to unlock the unit slide the unlock icon on screen.

Volume Up

Volume Down

From the Map pages, the four hardware buttons on the bottom of the unit represent:

Page | Zoom Out | Zoom In | Go to

The function of these buttons is context dependent, changing when viewing Menus etc. The function is always indicated with a label on the screen.

Additionally, there are Long press functions assigned which are context dependent. Where a red character is indicated on a menu screen, a Long press will input that function. The letter B indicates ‘Back’ whilst the letter C indicates ‘Close’.

(Note: This is also the general functionality of any button. A short press will input the action indicated with black text, a long press will input the action marked indicated in red.)

Page: Rotates through the four main pages in turn:

  1. Compass
  2. Map Page 1
  3. Map Page 2
  4. Menu

Zoom Out: To Zoom the map out

Zoom In: To Zoom the map in

Go To: Opens ‘Go To’ menu

Additionally, a small reset button is recessed into the case on the left-hand side. This requires a paperclip (or other narrow objects) to operate.

Updated on March 26, 2021

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