Copying Waypoints, Tasks and Files

How do I copy files to Oudie from SeeYou?

  1. Connect Oudie to PC by supplied USB cable (if you see TFAT folder you have successfully connected the Oudie to PC).
  2. Open waypoint (or airspace) file in SeeYou.
  3. Run SeeYou Mobile Wizard to transfer airspace’s, waypoints and task(s).
  4. Click on File > SeeYou Mobile Wizard > Next > choose Copy to Oudie > choose region (just drag a rectangle to define region with task, waypoints or airspace) > Next. SeeYou will automatically copy .cup waypoints file or .cub for airspace file on your Oudie.

5. Safely disconnect Oudie from PC and run the Oudie software.

6. Then Select your file on Oudie (Waypoints in this example). 

Find this option via:  Menu > Next > Save Settings > Save Profile > Yes. 

Find this option via: Menu > Settings > Next > Files > Waypoints > “…” > Select your waypoint file > Active > close all dialogs with OK.

We strongly recommend that you save this setting.Find this option via:  Menu > Next > Save Settings > Save Profile > Yes.

That is all. You are now using new waypoints/airspace file.

Updated on March 19, 2021

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