Load custom airspace

If SeeYou DB airspace does not comply with local regulations or competition airspace, you can easily load your own custom airspace.

CUB (SeeYou) and TXT (OpenAir) file formats are supported.

All you need is an airspace file stored on the internal hard drive of your Oudie N / phone. You can also get it as a downloaded file via the website, Bluetooth, email, etc.

However, the most common way to load custom airspace files is as follows:

1. Connect the Oudie to your computer via the included USB Type-C cable (if you see the Oudie N folder you have successfully connected the Oudie to the computer).

2. Copy the Airspace file to the folder Downloads folder, Oudie / phone root, or other folder.

3. Safely disconnect Oudie / phone from the computer and launch the SeeYou Navigator software.

4. Go to Menu > Airspace > tap the + Add airspace button

5. Select the desired airspace file from the selected folder and you are done 🙂

If it is loaded correctly, you see it under Airspace files.

You may also want to change the visibility of the airspace via Visible Airspace Classes & Types:

Updated on November 29, 2022

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