Dashboard is where SeeYou app starts after your log in. There are several widgets in the Dashboard.


Logbook widget gives you a brief overview your currency in the recent months. Through the drop-down list you can change the time period for this widget. You can choose from

  • This year
  • Last 12 months
  • Last 24 months

Click on the Logbook text to proceed.


The Weather section allows you to see weather forecast for the next three days graphically.

  • Select a location you’re most interested in
  • Choose your forecast provider
  • Change UTC offset of necessary

Click on the three large daily buttons to see which day is going to be best for you to fly.

Click View on map link for each day, to go straight to the XC Planner.


You can add webcams to your Dasboard to see if the cumulus are already popping.

You will see webcams on the map as well. Click the star icon to place that camera on your dashboard.

Latest flight

Latest flight section displays your last flight. Typically the one you want to analyze quickly. Click on the picture or any of the buttons on the right to open the flight, edit flight details, share it with friends, download IGC file or delete the flight from your database:


Flights section lists your latest five flights so you don’t have to search for them. Click on the flight to see details and then open, share or otherwise manage that flight.


The Tasks section gives quick access to the Tasks you were working on lately. Click on a task and it will open in Planner so you can continue where you left off:

Updated on April 19, 2021

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