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As all free flyers know, the most critical data for deciding when to fly is the weather, which is why in SeeYou we have integrated a  3-day Weather forecast into the Dashboard page!

1. At the first place you need to link SeeYou with one of the supported weather providers (requires active SkySight/TopMeteo subscription):

2. Navigate to SeeYou.Cloud dashboard:

3. Find a location, set weather provider, UTC offset, and go!

4. Click on each day to get a graph that shows you the quality of the day graphically or click “View on map” to see the forecast in the context of the map. Plan your next flight right there!

5. Each daily card will show the expected cloud base,  hours of thermal activity with potential flight distance for an 18-meter glider, wind direction & strength plus minimum and maximum forecasted temperature. Click on the “View on map” link for each day to see what will be happening around the selected location

6. You can make great and easy decisions about which day you want to fly and which direction will be best for attack!?

Updated on April 19, 2021

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