DigiFly AirPro Pitot


The DigiFly AirPro Pitot flight instrument is compatible with Oudie N Free flight, Fanet+ and SeeYou Navigator app installed on any modern smart-phone.

DigiFly AirPro Pitot Configuration

There is some configuration required on the DigiFly AirPro Pitot device before pairing it with SeeYou Navigator or Oudie N.

  1. Turn on your AirPro Pitot
  2. Go to Menu > Advanced setup
  3. Configure the following parameters:
    . PITO > IAS
    . TGPS > 1
    . TAIR > LXW
    . TFRQ > 01
    . TCHA > BLE
    . TAUT > ON
    . T-ID > 1
  4. Exit Advanced Setup Menu

For more detailed information on AirPro Pitot configuration refer to the device full manual (pages 88, 90, 91, 97, and 98): https://www.digifly.com/wp-content/uploads/AirPro_Manual_704a_ENG_rev_2.pdf

Pairing with SeeYou Navigator and Oudie N

Pairing an external device with SeeYou Navigator on Android or iPhone is easy.

Before pairing, make sure that the Bluetooth on your Oudie/phone and DigiFly Air device is enabled!

  1. Run Oudie N / SeeYou Navigator
  2. Turn on DigiFly AirPro Pitot
  3. Go to the main Menu > Start Telemetry BT on DigiFly AirPro Pitot
  4. Go to Menu > Devices in SeeYou Navigator
  5. Wait until see the DigiFly Air XXX device in the list of discovered devices in SeeYou Navigator
  6. Tap on the device name ( for example ˝DigiFly Air XXX˝)
  7. Wait until it displays a “Connected” message

Done. Your setup is ready to use.

Updated on August 2, 2023

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