Display Options

What screen elements can be displayed?

Display options is the menu where you can turn various screen elements on and off, such as for instance Terrain maps, Distance circles, (all) Navboxes, and the Thermal assistant. 

Options set to Green will display, when set to White they will not display.

Find this option via: Menu > Display options. 

A complete list of the options found here is:

Display options

  • Map (Terrain Maps)
  • Airspace
  • Way-points
  • Task
  • Nav-boxes
  • Track
  • Radar
  • Move Navboxes
  • Target 
  • Distance circles
  • Side view
  • Terrain
  • Track vector 
  • Terrain collision 
  • Task bar 
  • Radar labels
  • Radar traces
  • Thermal assistant
  • Distance to airspace
  • FAI Area
  • Optimization
  • Triangle optimization
  • Quick Pan
  • Vario
  • Command bar 
Updated on March 11, 2021

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