Download maps for offline use

Question: Can I download and save the maps for my region? 

Answer: Yes.  

All maps that you download will be available for offline use forever. They are stored on the computer and never expire. You can run SeeYou on a good internet connection and scroll over the area which you want to use offline. Do this at a few different zoom levels and wait until the blue progress bars at the bottom of the SeeYou window stop downloading. Then you will have the maps you scrolled through stored for offline use.

A workaround is available which will allow you do download a large area without having to scroll too much:

  1. Choose File > SeeYou Mobile Wizard from the main menu in SeeYou. 
  2. Select “Terrain”, “Terrain elevations” and “Roads, Rails, Rivers, Lakes and Towns”.
  3. Press Next.
  4. On the next page press Next (no need to set up anything on this page for this workaround solution).
  5. Choose the area you would like to download (not larger than about the area of Europe).
  6. Wait until the download is finished.

After this process the maps are stored on your computer and will be used when you are working offline.

Updated on November 14, 2022

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