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If you are on a good internet connection you don’t have to do anything. The weather data will download to SeeYou automatically in the background:

If you want to be in control of what gets downloaded when you can choose what SeeYou does when new weather data is available:

The option “Notify me before downloading data” will open a notification in the Windows taskbar. Clicking on the notification will open the Top Meteo dialog and then you can choose what to download then. You can download entire region or any specific day separately that way significantly reducing the download time and size.

Typical average Download sizes:

Whole Europe: 5 MB / day

Whole of Africa: 1 MB / day

Whole USA: 15 MB / day

Size depends on how good the weather is going to be – better weather means more data.

With the pilot factor we try to take the experience of an individual pilot into account. The pilot factor of 1 is a pilot with experience of cross-country flying determined and can achieve the cross-country speed determined by McCready theory. It’s assumed the pilot can confidently find thermals and center them and make decisions while cross-country flying and is capable of achieving the predicted theoretical cross country speed.

A factor of let’s say 0.8 would mean that the pilot will fly 20% slower than an average pilot. An exceptional pilot might be 20% better. So he can use the factor of 1.2 and fly longer tasks in the same weather.

Updated on March 11, 2021

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