Editing Navboxes Look & Feel

How to edit Navboxes 

When ‘ Select multiple’ is checked you can tap on a single Navbox to select it and keep selected the ones that were already selected.

To select a number of Navboxes at once, tap, hold and move the stylus. 

Select All quickly selects all Navboxes.

Edit… button allows you to change common values of the Navboxes.

Select single or several Navboxes by dragging the stylus over the Navbox names. Then press Edit to select the  Number of lines you wish them to see and whether you want the Navbox to be Transparent.

Auto Arrange check box will rearrange new Navboxes so they stack at the bottom of the screen.

Show Navboxes check box will hide Navboxes if not checked.

While editing selected or groups of selected Navboxes, a properties dialog will show you a sample display.

Number of Lines

A Navbox displays up to three lines:

Title line (Line 1)Black with white font by default. 
Data line (Line 2)White or transparent background and black text by default. 
Units line (Line 3)With units or other sub data to the main data line. 

Number of lines determines how many lines a Navbox will have on the screen: 

  • when Number of lines is one, only the Data line (Line 2) will be displayed.
  • when Number of lines is two, both Title and Data lines will be displayed (Line 1 and Line 2)
  • when Number of lines is three, all three lines will be displayed.


There are three different sizes available: Normal, Large, Huge. For some Navboxes it is also useful to set Width for example: Target name. 

Colours panel accounts controls the looks of the Navboxes. You can change the colours for:

  • Background
  • Frame
  • Title line
  • Data line
  • Units line

Note: you can change Navbox Colours separately for each Navbox .

Find this option via: Menu > Settings > Navboxes.

Then press Edit to edit the Colour, Number of lines or Navbox size settings

It is also possible to select a group of Navboxes to edit several Navboxes at once.


If the checkbox for  Transparent is selected, the Data and Units line will be transparent. With the Fill combo box you can control how transparent the Navboxes, are from 0 to 100 % in 10 % step.

The Outline tick box applies a border/outline to the Navbox text to provide greater contrast and readability between the text and the map underneath. It is on by default. 

Value only button removes all Navbox elements apart from the value.

Allow drag check box if checked will allow you to place any Navbox anywhere on the screen. 

To move a Navbox, tap and hold the Navbox in question then move it to a new spot. 

Move navboxes

Once you have all of the navboxes in the right places, you will want to move and organize them in a logical way.

To move navboxes, make sure that the option “Move navboxes” is turn on (green) in Menu > Display options. Click OK to acknowledge if you changed this setting.

Now you can move navboxes around freely.

Once you are done, make sure to turn the “Move navboxes” option off again in Menu > Display options.

Remember also to save changes in Menu > Next > Save Settings > enable “Save profile” > Yes.

Updated on June 9, 2021

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