Enter Flight Recorder unique IDs

his is the critical step during the setup of each competition. As soon as you enter the flight recorder IDs for all competitors correctly the competition can be scored literally hands free without interaction of the scorer.

  1. What is Flight Recorder Unique ID? 

Each IGC file name consists of the date of flight, Flight recorder unique ID and consecutive number of the flight on that day. IGC filenames are specified in the “GNSS Flight Recorder Technical Specification” document maintained by the IGC / FAI. The specification allows for a short filename (intended for the good old MS DOS based solutions) and the long name which is much more useful.

  1. For short IGC filenames the unique ID is the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th letter in the filename.

    The short IGC filename style is YMDCXXXF.IGC where
    Y = Year; value 0 to 9, cycling every 10 years
    M = Month; value 1 to 9 then A for 10, B=11, C=12.
    D = Day; value 1 to 9 then A=10, B=11, etc.
    C = manufacturer’s single-letter IGC identifier (see table in the GNSS specification document)
    XXX = unique FR Serial Number (S/N); 3 alphanumeric characters
    F = Flight number of the day; 1 to 9 then, if needed, A=10 through to Z=35

    In the file name 596VEPY2.igc “VEPY” is the uniqe Flight Recorder ID where V = LXNAV, EPY = Unique serial number of this recorder.
  2. For long IGC filenames the uniqe ID for the flight recorder is the 4th and the 5th group of characters in the file name.

    The long IGC file name is much easier to read. Sets of data are separated by dashes where the first three groups are the flight date.

    MMM = manufacturer’s three-letter IGC identifier (see table on next page)
    XXX = unique FR Serial Number (S/N); 3 alphanumeric characters

    In the file name 2015-08-13-NAV-6JL-01.igc “NAV-6JL” is the unique flight recorder ID which you should enter in the Flight Recorder box in SeeYou Competition.

Hint: There is a simple way to enter the unique flight recorder IDs in SeeYou Competition. At the bottom of the Add or Edit pilot dialog there is a button “Load from IGC” which will automatically populate the Flight Recorder ID field. Simply open a flight created by the competitor’s flight recorder and the fields will be populated.

Note: You can enter any number of flight recorders intto the Flight recorder box. You need to separate each flight recorder with a comma.

Important: Only one competitor can use a flight recorder. SeeYou will not allow you to enter a duplicate flight recoder ID.

Updated on March 17, 2021

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