Enter a task

The task can be entered in different ways:
. Manually enter all turnpoints
. Load task from Collection
. Scan QR code
. Load from Soaring Spot
. Load a recently used task

You have quick access to all of these options by selecting Task from the main menu:

Enter task manually

  1. Start from scratch by clearing the current task through Menu > Task > scroll to the bottom > Clear task

2. In the empty Task dialog tap Create a Task button

3. Choose the turnpoint by name, then select observation zone shape and size

4. Keep entering turnpoint names and observation zone shapes by tapping on the “Add Next” button.

5. After entering the goal, end this process by tapping the “Done” button.

6. Enter task properties such as Task type (XC, Racing or AAT), Start procedure (Start anytime or PEV Start) and the rest as needed.

That’s it. You’re ready to go.

Load from collection

If you already have a collection of tasks in your SeeYou Cloud account, declaring a task becomes easier. Loading task from your SeeYou.Cloud collections is simple:

1. In the empty Task dialog tap Load from collection button

2. Select the requested collection to open its tasks

3. Find desired task and Tap on it

That’s it. Ready to fly.

Scan QR code

You can’t beat the convenience of scanning a QR Code with all the task information already stored in the code. Tap – Tap – Done.

  1. Go to Menu > Task > Scan QR Code and scan the requested code.


Done! You are ready to fly 😉

Load from Soaring Spot

Flying a competition that is managed on Soaring Spot? Load the task directly from there. Menu > Task > Load from Soaring Spot > Choose your competition > Select the class you are flying > Load a task.

Next time it’s even easier. The last competition you selected is already at the top. Tapping on it will load the latest task for the class you chose.

Reload a recently flown task

Declared tasks are automatically saved in the list of recently flown tasks. Want to fly a task you recently declared? Tap on it and you are done.

A little hack from the comp pilots: Enter A and B tasks in the morning. Switch between them by loading them from the list of recent tasks.

Updated on May 19, 2023

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