Entering a task by list

How do I enter a task by list?

This tutorial will focus on entering the default demo task in the evaluation version of Oudie.

The demo task is a 39,9 km Race to goal in the west part Slovenia beginning at the flying site Lijak. Racing, Record tasks and Assigned Area tasks are covered.  

Enter the waypoint names, set the times (Gate, Start speed section, End speed section, Task deadline) and Sector type (Line, Cylinder, FAI sector or Assigned area).

(Note: No setting up of observation zones is necessary as they are automatically set up as a cylinder.)

1. Always start from scratch by clearing the currently programmed task. 

Find this option via: Menu > Task > Tools > Clear task.

2. Make sure the first line in the empty list is selected (if you didn’t touch the screen after clearing the task it is already selected). Then press “Insert” or Keyb (as in Keyboard) button.

3. Start typing and you will notice the waypoint name auto-completes while you are typing

Note: Keyboard characters which do not make sense become disabled while you type.

Note that L and 01 keys were pressed while “058” was auto-completed. If you know your waypoint is in alphabetical vicinity of the currently auto-completed name of the waypoint, you may also use the “<<” and “>>” buttons on the full screen keyboard to advance the waypoint names alphabetically.

Once you have found the waypoint you intend press OK. 

4. Edit point dialog will open automatically after choosing each waypoint. Setup these values to fly competitions or FAI records:

5. Press the “OK” button again and start entering the Start Gate turnpoint’s name, L01058 in this example.

After entering “L” and “0” the suggested waypoint name is “L01058”. If not “L01058” – Press “>>” once and you are now at “L01058”. Press OK.

6. After entering the task waypoints, once again check that waypoint sectors (cylinders, lines, FAI sectors) and times are setup correctly.

You can choose your default Sector type settings in Menu > Settings > Next > Next > Task > Observation Zone > Type. Cylinders are used on most flights!

Updated on March 19, 2021

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