Entering a task by map

How to enter a task by map

Entering the task by Map is also useful way to set the task as it helps to make easier visualization of the task. This tool is most useful for the competition task committee to easily set and plan the task on competitions.

You can also quickly create a task without waypoints for your upcoming cross-country flight. 

1. As before: Always start from the scratch. 

Find this option via: Menu > Task > Tools > Clear task. 

Make sure the first line in the empty list is selected.

Then press the “Tools” and choose Map. Set the right Zoom to see codes of waypoints.

2. Open Tools > Map dialog:

3. Now you can start adding waypoints to list. Simply tap and hold the first waypoint (B01) for one second and Oudie will automatically ask you if you want to Append point to list.

Confirm this with Yes.

Tap on OK to continue adding waypoints to the task.

Use Pan mode to find waypoints on the Map.

After you have added all the task waypoints press Tools > List. Check once again that waypoint sectors (cylinders, lines, FAI sectors) and times are setup correctly.

When finished tap OK and your task is ready to fly.

Updated on March 19, 2021

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