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So how does the FAI Triangle Assistant work in SeeYou Navigator? It’s as simple as turning on the FAI Area feature in the Layers menu and starting your flight.

As you progress along the first leg of your flight, you’ll notice two oddly shaped areas to the left and right of your track. These shapes will grow larger the further you fly, as shown in the first screenshot in the picture.

If you turn inside those areas, your flight will take the form of an FAI triangle.

Once you make your first turnpoint and continue towards your second, the display of FAI Areas will change. You will now see three areas, one for each leg of the triangle, as shown in the second and third screenshots. These areas will grow as you fly further, giving you the ability to pan and zoom the map to explore where to set your third turnpoint and when to turn.

As you fly back towards the takeoff area, the FAI Areas will become fixed, and it’s time to make your triangle as big as possible.

The labels will tell you the distance of the triangle if you turn back and make it back to the takeoff location, giving you full control over your flight.

And the best part? There are no settings to adjust. Just install the latest version of SeeYou Navigator on your phone or Oudie N and start flying.

Updated on January 3, 2024

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