FANET navbox (walking)

By default on an Oudie 5 and Blade, you will see a FANET navbox on the screen saying “FANET / Walking”.

This is a status navbox for the FANET in your device. It shows “walking” by default. This navbox only appears on the ground and disappers after takeoff.

Change FANET status

To change how others will see you on their screens, tap on this navbox. You will see a list of statuses you can choose from, including some that will report to your buddies that you need help such as

  • Need a ride
  • Need technical support
  • Need medical help
  • Distress call

Move FANET status navbox

  1. Switch on “Move navboxes” in Menu > Display options.
  2. Move the FANET status navbox to a position where it will not disturb you on the ground. Remember, it will disappear in flight.
  3. ​Switch “Move navboxes” off again when you are done in Menu > Display options
  4. Remember to Save the settings in Menu > Save Settings > Save profile > Yes.
Updated on June 9, 2021

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