Fanet & Flarm

Fanet & Flarm are integrated into the Oudie N with the Fanet+ module originally developed by Skytraxx. It is a single module that combines Flarm and Fanet technologies in a single module, with some limitations on the Flarm part. It supports the full functionality of the Fanet network while providing a beacon-only function for Flarm.

The Fanet+ module tweets your position into the air. Other Fanet+ modules and Flarm devices receive your transmission and display your location on the screen of another Oudie (or compatible device). You can see the other pilot’s altitude, rate of climb, and where exactly they are.

When there is a lot of traffic around you (i.e. good XC or competition day) SeeYou Navigator will automatically declutter visible target labels. In that way screen overview is better and you see only the pilots with good vario values 😉

Fanet & Flarm visibility

Fanet and Flarm module and layer are enabled in the Oudie N Fanet+ by default.

If you however want to disable/enable the module for any reason it can be done via Menu > Fanet+ dialog:

As goes for the layer – it is handled via the main Layers menu:

Fanet/Flarm ID

Fanet/Flarm ID can be found via Menu > Settings > Fanet+ > tap the Info button at the top right corner of the dialog:

Edit and star your buddies

Your buddies can be starred, highlighted, and their names edited in two ways:
1. Tap on the requested target on the screen Edit button

2. Via Menu > Fanet+ dialog > List of the targets > Tap on the requested target

Navigating to the requested target is as simple as tapping on it on the screen and pressing GoTo! 🙂

Updated on November 7, 2023

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