Filtering NOTAMs on Oudie

You can filter out NOTAM areas automatically with filters in Menu > Notams > Filter.

When a NOTAM is filtered out with these rules, you will not see it in the list and you will not receive a warning when you encounter it enroute.

Filtering NOTAMs automatically should be performed with utmost care. Only change default settings if you understand the consequences of this action.

Having given you the disclaimer, the following options for filtering NOTAMs automatically are available:

Hide Notams further than

The default value for this option is 450km. Only show NOTAMs with a lateral border closer than 450 km from your current position. NOTAMs further away are hidden.

Hide big NOTAMs

The database often contains NOTAMs with no defined radius or a generic radius set at maximum. These NOTAMs can be hidden based on the distance to the center and radius of this NOTAM.

Two parameters are available here. Radius and Distance to center. The default value is 200km for both parameters. When the option “Hide big NOTAMs” is enabled, all NOTAMs with a Radius bigger than 200 km AND distance to center more than 200 km are filtered out.

Do not show above

The default value is 4500m. NOTAMs with a lower altitude limit above 4500 m MSL will be hidden.

Do not show below

The default value is 230 meters. NOTAMs with an upper limit is below 230 meters AGL (Above Ground Level) will be hidden. This typically includes cranes and similar obstacles.

Do not show trigger NOTAMs

The Trigger notams are hidden by default.

Trigger NOTAMs serve to alert those who maintain aeronautical databases that specific changes will be effective soon, usually at the next AIRAC date. A trigger NOTAM contains a brief description of the contents of the amendment or supplement, the effective date and the reference number of the amendment or supplement.

Do not show FIR-wide NOTAMs

FIR-wide NOTAMs are hidden by default.

FIR-wide NOTAMs have a radius that encompasses or even exceeds the FIR’s boundaries. They are normally not useful to pilots for navigation.

Do not show aerodrome NOTAMs

Aerodrome NOTAMs are filtered out by default.

Aerodrome NOTAMs are information related to aerodrome and describe operations, limitations on that particular aerodrome. Example: L1254/21 Taxying fixed-wing restricted to paved surfaces. These NOTAMs are typically not interesting to glider pilots for navigation and are therefore hidden by default.

Updated on March 29, 2021

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