Final Glide Navboxes

Final Glide Navboxes list

Flown L/D (Cur.L/D)Current glide ratio over the last two minutes of flight.
Required L/D (Req. L/D)Required glide ratio to reach the selected waypoint.
Thermal L/D (Ther. L/D)Glide ratio since last circling phase finished.
Arrival altitude (Arrival)Expected Arrival altitude at the selected waypoint calculated by taking the distance, current height and flown L/D to estimate the arrival altitude.
Task required L/D (tL/D)Required glide ration to complete the task taking into account current MC, polar and wind.
Required Altitude (ReqAlt)Estimated altitude loss from current position to target taking into account current MC, polar and wind.
Required Mc (Req.Mc)MacCready ring setting which will allow you to final glide exactly to the Target. It shows Arrival Altitude when Arrival altitude for MC=0 is less than zero.
Task required L/D (tL/D)Required glide ratio to complete the task.
Updated on March 12, 2021

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