Final glide

How to make final glide.

Here’s a suggestion. Flying final glides is most comfortable when you use Required L/D and Current L/D Navboxes to show the required L/D to the finish line compared to your current L/D.

You are on final glide when Current L/D is higher than Required L/D.

The calculation already includes all relevant factors, including reserve altitude (as pre-set via Menu > Volume & Alt.) MC setting, glider polar, wind calculation etc

Current L/D is an average of the last 15 seconds, it tells you what you are doing. Required L/D tells you what you should be doing.

If Current L/D is higher than Required L/D, you are doing good and if it looks like you can keep going like that, you are doing great.

(Note: Any Navigation Navbox with ‘t’ as a prefix is referring to the whole task. i.e. Req L/D will refer to required glide ratio to reach the next waypoint. tL/D will refer to the required glide ratio to complete the task to the goal line or cylinder.)

Have fun making those final glides!

Updated on March 12, 2021

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