Flight Log file replay

How do I replay a flight on Oudie?

Replay of a previously flown flight enables you to see data you would have seen on Oudie and is by far the most efficient way to learn the software.

To set up replay first copy flights from the desktop PC to your device.

You can drag / drop IGC format flight logs into the Oudie when it is connected to the P.C. via the supplied Micro USB cable. It does not matter which folder you place flights in.

Find this option via: Menu > Settings > Next > Next > Next > Input. 

Change input to “File”. Press the “…” button and choose the flight you wish to replay and it will automatically play in Oudie. There is also a Demo IGC file available to view.

Now use the buttons to play with Oudie, changing Waypoints, MacCready and pages etc, setup Navboxes to your preference. Tap on the screen to see what happens.

Note: you can setup Navboxes separately for each of the two Map pages.

You can also replay a flight made with that particular Oudie directly from the Logbook:

Find this option via: Menu > Next > Logbook > select flight >Tools > Replay flight. 

Updated on March 26, 2021

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