Cross-country task

Flying a declared cross-country task (XC) is one of the most rewarding ways to improve your flying skills. Declaring a task is also a must for declared XC records. One or the other – Oudie N will help you to complete your goal seamlessly 😉

On the basis, XC Task type is the same as Race To Goal, but without Start Gate Time. Hence also Start Speed Section and End Speed Section points are not available when the task type is selected as XC Task.

XC task as such behaves also as an Elapsed time task type for regular paragliding competitions!

Declare XC task

For record flights, it is essential to declare a task before takeoff.

There are several ways to enter a task in Oudie N / SeeYou Navigator before takeoff:

You can quickly access any of these options by selecting Task from the main menu:

If you need to change the task type or edit the task for any reason, no worries! It is very easy to do it. See here >

Fly XC task

When the XC task is declared, Oudie N will automatically navigate to the first turnpoint.

To re-start a task, simply navigate back to the start point. Tap on the Target Navbox to bring up the list of points or go to Menu > Task > tap on the start point and select “Goto”.

Once you have started the task successfully, navigation around the task is automatic. You won’t have to touch the Oudie N screen at any time during the task if you just proceed through turnpoitns to the finish.

For each checked turnpoint you will hear sound alert and notification message on the top of the map page. That´s it!

If you wish to change the navigation turnpoint for some reason, simply tap on the Target Navbox or select Menu > Target from the main Menu.

Useful Layers and Navboxes for the best performance:
. Thermals layer
. “To” Navbox
. Distance to turnpoint
. Task Distance

Finishing the task

There is no need to interact with device to finish the task successfully. Oudie N will give you a notification when the final glide altitude is reached for the first time.

Once you check the last turnpoint, a “success” sound is played and basic task statistics are presented in the notification panel.

Useful navboxes for the final glide task:
. Current L/D
. Task required L/D
. Task arrival altitude

After landing

After landing, you can do a quick performance check via Menu > Logbook.

Oudie N / SeeYou Navigator makes it easy to do all of this when your phone or Oudie N is connected to the internet (preferably with an open SIM card).

Typical tasks you will do after landing

Updated on February 16, 2022

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