Race to Goal task

This is a tutorial about setting and flying Race to Goal tasks.

Enter a Race to goal task

The task can be entered in different ways:
. Manually enter all turnpoints
. Load task from Collection
. Scan QR code

You have quick access to all of these options by selecting Task from the main menu:

Enter task manually

  1. Start from scratch by clearing the current task through Menu > Task > scroll to the bottom > Clear task

2. In the empty Task dialog tap Create a Task button

3. Tap Add turnpoint

4. Start typing the Code of the turnpoint and you will notice that the list of waypoints is auto-filtered as you type

5. Once you have found the waypoint, tap on its code/name

6. Edit turnpoint dialog will open automatically after choosing each turnpoint. Setup observation zone type and radius for each of the turnpoints

5. Press Done and Add turnpoint buttons again to start entering all following task turnpoints

6. Choose your default Task type

For Race To Goal task type pay special attention to task parameters (SSS, ESS, Start Gate Time, Exit/Enter Start Gate type) and once again check that waypoint observation zones (cylinders, lines, FAI sectors) are all setup correctly.


Load from collection

If you already have a collection of tasks in your SeeYou Cloud account, declaring a task becomes easier. Loading task from your SeeYou.Cloud collections is simple:

1. In the empty Task dialog tap Load from collection button

2. Select the requested collection to open its tasks

3. Find desired task and Tap on it


Scan QR code

Nothing is faster and more convenient than scanning a QR Code with all the task information already stored in the code. Tap – Tap – Done.

  1. Go to Menu > Task > Scan QR Code and scan the requested code.


2. Done! You are ready to fly 😉

Before Start Speed Section

Once you get airborne Start banner on top of the map page will navigate you to optimum task start.

Data in the Task banner are calculated based on the expected 50 km/h speed.

When Time to go is approaching you will hear sound alerts for:
. 1 Minute To Go,
. 30 Seconds To Go,
. and Time To Go (TTG).

When TTG is 0, Start banner will change the color into orange

Once Start Gate opens, Start banner color is changed to green:

And when you cross Start Speed Section correctly, Task banner shows Task Started message:

Flying the task

For each checked waypoint you will hear sound alert and notification message on the top of the map page

Final glide

Here’s a suggestion. Flying final glides are the most comfortable when you use the Required L/D and Current L/D Navboxes. What they do is to show the required L/D to the finish line and the current L/D you are doing at the moment. You are on a glide slope when Current L/D is higher than Required L/D. The calculation already includes reserve altitude. The nice part is that it is insensible of the MC
setting, glider polar, wind calculation, etc. All of them can be wrong when you try to math through the
glider polar. Current L/D however is pragmatic – it tells you what you are doing. Required L/D is pragmatic as well. It tells you what you should be doing. If the Current L/D is higher than the Required one you are doing good. If it looks like you can keep going like that, you are doing great.

Have fun making those final glides! 😉

After landing

Oudie N will finish the flight automatically without needing any input from the user. Once the flight is
finished, it will be automatically uploaded to SeeYou.Cloud and visible in Menu > Logbook.

From there you can:

Updated on February 15, 2022

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