Racing task (Gliding)

Racing task is a typical competition task in gliding competitions. Everybody flies the same task with the same observation zones.

Coppa Internationale del Mediterraneo – Rieti – Task 10

Enter a Racing task

A Racing task can be entered manually, by scanning a QR Code from the Task sheet or by loading it directly from Soaring Spot.

Read more about how to load a task here >

Flying the task

During the Racing task, you typically don’t have to touch the screen. Everything will happen automatically from start to finish. All you need to do is to confirm the start time that will appear at the top of the screen when you cross the boundary of the start cylinder.

Tip: Use the Auto-zoom navbox so you don’t have to zoom in yourself when you get closer to the observation zone of a task point.

Final glide

Use the Task Arrival Alitutude and Task Required L/D navboxes to estimate how your final glide is going. These navboxes calculate the required altitude and L/D around all remaining points of the task.

After landing

Your flight will be automatically uploaded to the SeeYou Cloud after landing.

To send your flight to the scoring office, you need to follow the procedure of the competition. If they want you to send the IGC file over email, you can do that from the Logbook page. Tap on the flight and then “Send IGC file”.

Updated on November 3, 2022

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