Getting the flight IGC files into the scoring office

There is a number of ways how to get the flights into the search folders.

  1. Uploading to Soaring Spot directly through the API
    Oudie connected to Oudie Live will upload the flight directly to the scoring office. Other applications and instruments can use the same Soaring Spot API to upload the flight (if you are a developer feel free to contact us so we can help you get this feature implemented.
  2. Emailing flights to the scoring office
    Some competitions have a dedicated Email address which they use to get the flights from the competitors. You can either manually download the flights from that email address to your Flight search folders or you can use a small free tool written by Naviter which will scan your emails for attachments and download all IGC files. The tool is “IGC Mail” and can be downloaded from
  3. Sharing flights through Dropbox (and similar)
    If you specify your Drobox folder as a Flight search folder any flights that are uploaded to Dropbox according to your settings will be found by Auto Evaluate feature and automatically scored.
  4. Uploading flights through a web page
    You can setup your own web page either online or on your intranet to upload flights to your scoring computers.
  5. Downloading with SeeYou or third party software
    You can also download the flights directly from flight recorders either from SeeYou or third party software.
Updated on March 17, 2021

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