How Auto Evaluate works

Auto Evaluate is a core feature of SeeYou Competition. With Edit > Auto Evaluate turned on SeeYou will automatically score competition flights as soon as they are found in the folders monitored by SeeYou Competition.

  1. Setup the Flight Search folders in SeeYou Competition

This is the critical step which you need to understand to use the Automatic scoring reliably.SeeYou will continuously scan selected folders for IGC files. As soon as it finds an IGC file with the correct  unique flight recorder ID in one of the search folders it will automatically score it (when “Edit > Auto Evaluate” feature is enabled).

Enter the search folders in Edit > Contest Properties > General > Flight search folders:

The Search folders can be eitherFolders on the local disk (including for example Dropbox folder)Folders on removable media such as USB sticks and SD CardsNetwork folders

Note: Pilots can also send flights through the Soaring Spot website or API. Such flights are automatically stored in the Soaring Spot folder (part of your competition folder path) and this folder is always included in the search.

2. Make sure the Auto Evaluate feature is enabled either in the Toolbar or through Edit > Auto Evaluate

3. Enjoy the ride. The second a flight from a competitor is found in the search folders it will be scored no matter how it got there

Hint: There is a number of ways how to get the flights into the search folders. Click here to read about how to automatically score flights which are emailed to you, uploaded through a web page or shared with you through Dropbox for example.

Updated on April 16, 2021

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