How can I create NMEA Log on Oudie?

It is often very helpful if you can post an NMEA log together with the description of your problems. Particularly if the message is referring to a connection to GPS or Vario somehow. 

The NMEA logs as of version 7.40 are created automatically and log the last few hours of operation. To access them follow this procedure:

1. Connect Oudie with USB cable to PC

2. Tap “Connect to PC” on the Oudie screen

3. Look at the popup dialog in Windows to see which drive was assigned to Oudie (for this example we will assume “J:”)

4. Open “My Computer” and browse to drive “J:”

5. Locate folder “NMEALog” in the root of the “J:” drive

6.  To troubleshoot your problem please send us the NMEAIN.LOG and NMEAOUT.LOG files which are found in the NMEALog folder.

Updated on March 17, 2021

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