How to create a competition at Soaring Spot

The core functionality of Soaring Spot allows you to manage gliding competitions online. If you are trying to organize a competition you need to stop worrying about how you are going to upload results to the internet or where you are going to publish news about your competition. Soaring Spot is the way to go.

1. Login to Soaring Spot here: and use your SeeYou Cloud credentials to login. If you’re already logged in to the SeeYou Cloud you will immediately be transfered to the Administration panel.

2. Click Add Competition and follow the wizard:

3. Enter the classes for the competition

Note 1: You can rename the URL (permalink) for the class to whatever suits you best.

Note 2: You can add as many classes as you like for your competition.

4. Upload airspace and waypoint files for your competition.

Note: These files will be used in SeeYou exclusively for task setting and airspace checks. No need to setup anything in SeeYou.

5. Success! If you want to cooperate, please continue and choose the people who are going to work with you from the Permissions / Roles page or head over to the Competition Overview page.

6. Start scoring in SeeYou. You will need version 7.0 or later then go to File > Open Competition and you’re done! Registration for SeeYou is not required.

Updated on April 16, 2021

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