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Import from SeeYou Cloud

Collections that you already have in SeeYou Cloud will become seamlessly available on Oudie N / SeeYou Navigator.

To import an existing CUP file into a Collection SeeYou Cloud you can follow these steps:

  1. Open SeeYou Cloud
  2. Choose Upload from the main menu in SeeYou.Cloud
  3. Drag&drop the wanted file over the Upload dialog or browse your PC to upload it
  4. Press Open and wait until the upload is completed.

A new Collection is created in the list of collections and it is immediately available to SeeYou Navigator on your phone or Oudie N.

If your collection is not visible in SeeYou Navigator yet, pull down the list of collections or tasks in SeeYou Navigator to sync new data. An Internet connection is required for this operation.

Download a CUP file

There are many ways how you can get a CUP file to your Oudie N / device running SeeYou Navigator. Most commonly, the file can be downloaded from a website, from an Email attachment or from a chat group such as What’s app, Telegram or similar.

Once the CUP file is stored locally on the internal memory of your Oudie N / phone, you can import through Menu > Collections > tap the + Add waypoints file button and activate it.

Copy file from another device

If you do not have an internet connection, you can also copy files with cables from your computer or another device. This is the complete procedure:

1. Connect the Oudie / phone to your computer using the supplied USB Type-C cable (if you see the Oudie N folder, you have successfully connected the Oudie to the computer).

2. Copy the waypoint file to the Downloads folder, the root folder of Oudie / phone, or another folder.

3. Safely disconnect Oudie / phone from the computer and launch the SeeYou Navigator software.

4. Go to Menu > Collections > tap the + Add waypoints file button

5. Select the desired waypoint file from the selected folder. It will be loaded as a new Collection.

The CUP and WPT file formats are supported from software version 2.8.0 or higher.

6. Activate the desired collection and you are done! 🙂

Activate collection

To activate your waypoints in SeeYou Navigator, you need to activate the desired collection(s) via Menu > Settings > Collections page.

If you added tasks in SeeYou Cloud recently and don’t see them in Navigator yet, pull down the list of tasks to sync now. An Internet connection is required for this operation.

Updated on November 29, 2022

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