Installed apps

Oudie N comes with some preinstalled apps that will be helpful to you while flying and operating Oudie N on the ground.

SeeYou Navigator

It is the main navigation app. This app starts automatically when the device boots up. To learn more about how to use this app, click here >

To access other apps you have to swipe-up from the bottom of the screen and tap on the round icon.


Firefox is installed on each Oudie N. You can use it to perform many useful operations such as download files, access your email or SeeYou Cloud. It is a fully functional mobile version of the Firefox browser from the official source.

Oudie N has to be connected to the internet in order to make Firefox useful. You can connect Oudie N to the internet by connecting to a Wifi hotspot such as your phone or home wifi. You can also use a SIM card in the Oudie N to access the internet.


If you use a SIM card to access the internet on Oudie N, then you will also receive a mobile phone number. While you can not make voice calls on the Oudie N (it is not a phone), you can send and receive short text messages (SMS).


The files app allows you to access the files on your Oudie N. You can copy, move and delete files from the Files app.


Android settings can be accessed with this app. There are various OS settings that you can control here such as the Network & Internet settings, Battery settings, Display settings and many more.

Oudie Home

Oudie Home is the app that runs in the background and makes sure that all preinstalled apps are kept up-to-date. Whenever a new version is available for any of the apps mentioned above, Oudie Home will show a notification and guide you to install the relevant update.

Updated on October 14, 2022

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