Keep SeeYou Navigator running in the background

By allowing the SeeYou Navigator app to run in the background, you ensure that the flight track recording is not interrupted and that the data in the navboxes is correct.

All smartphone devices use aggressive battery optimization software that throttles app power consumption. We paid special attention to power consumption when developing SeeYou Navigator. However, SeeYou Navigator still consumes more power than an average mobile app and on some phones the system shuts down the app without the proper settings. Follow the instructions below to disable battery optimization for the SeeYou Navigator app.


You can control access to background location through the Settings app. Scroll down to find Navigator in the Settings app. Make sure that Location setting is set to “Always” and that “Precise location” setting is enabled.

Huawei phones

  1. Open the Settings on your Huawei device.

2. Write “battery” in the search bar.

3. Tap on App launch.

4. Enter “Navigator” in the search bar. 

5. Tap on SeeYou Navigator.

6. Make sure that “Auto-launch”, “Secondary launch” and “Run in background” items are enabled.

7. Return to Settings main menu and search for “battery optimization” and tap on it.

8. Select “All apps” from the drop-down menu.

9. Use search to find “SeeYou Navigator” and tap on it.

10. Select “Don’t allow” to disable battery optimization for SeeYou Navigator.

Other android phones

Perform the steps below only if you experience problems with track recording:

  1. Open Settings.

2. Tap on Battery.

3. Tap on Battery optimisation.

4. Tap on SeeYou Navigator.

5. Select Don’t optimize.

Updated on February 10, 2022

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