The Logbook in SeeYou Navigator is synchronized with the Logbook on SeeYou Cloud. After each landing, the flight is uploaded to the SeeYou Cloud and evaluated there automatically.

If SeeYou Cloud determines that the uploaded track was not a flight (typically a drive with the car), that track will not show up in your logbook. You can still view that track at SeeYou Cloud by selecting “All flights”.

Flights will appear in the list that shows the most important flight data. You can tap on each flight entry to see more details and share the IGC file through email, online contest or other apps.

Open in SeeYou Cloud

Tapping on this option will open the SeeYou Cloud app where you can view this flight with complete statistics & more.

Send IGC file

To share the IGC file over Email, What’s app, Viber, Slack or other similar apps, tap on this option. What options are available depends on which software is installed on your phone or Oudie N.

Claim on OLC

Uploading a flight to an Online contest is just a few clicks away. Choose the online contest of your choice and enter the required data.


You don’t want this file to appear in your logbook for some reason? You can delete it right here.

Updated on October 14, 2022
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