Modify the task

Once a task is declared in Navigator, you may want to modify it somewhat. Reasons for modifying a task vary from changing sector radius in Assigned Area tasks, changing the start time, changing the sequence of waypoints or fixing a wrong entry.

To modify a task you must explicitly choose the “Edit task” mode on the Menu > Task screen. It is intentionally difficult to modify a task in order to prevent inadvertent changes by mistake.

Change task type

Task type defines how the interface will behave before start and when waypoints are reached. Three task types are supported at the moment:

Each type of task behaves differently before start, on task and when reaching waypoints. It is therefore recommended to choose the right type before takeoff. You may also change the task type in flight without any consequence.

Change task parameters

Depending on which task type is selected, different task parameters are available such as start time, task time, maximum start speed and altitude etc. You can change any of these parameters through Menu > Task > Edit task.

Add a waypoint

  1. Menu > Task > Edit task
  2. Press the “Add Waypoint” button
  3. Type the name of the waypoint you want to add
  4. Choose observation zone shape and radius

That’s it. A waypoint is added. You may add any number of waypoints this way.

Reorder waypoints

To reorder the waypoints, tap and hold on the waypoint you want to move up or down. Then move the waypoint up and down and drop it where you need it.

Updated on February 15, 2022

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