Boxes which display flight information on the screen are called ‘Navboxes’.

Each Navbox is configured separately for each of the two Map pages.

You can choose 4 different Navboxes on each Map Page and 6 on the compass page to display on the bottom of the screen out of 21 possible options.

To change a Navbox, simply press and hold for one second to see the Navbox selection screen.

Select an alternative option to have that display in its place.

Configure Navbox options by pressing and holding the Navboxes displayed on each of the two Map Page screens, this brings up 20 Navbox options for each Navbox area to display.

The full list of available Navboxes is:

  1. Altitude = Altitude above Sea Level, corrected for QNH
  2. Altitude above takeoff = Relative altitude to takeoff position
  3. Arrival altitude = Altitude to be gained to reach current target (negative when below final glide)
  4. Average vario = Average climb speed
  5. Bearing = Bearing to target
  6. Distance = Distance to currently selected target
  7. Estimated time enroute = ETE, time needed to reach goal
  8. Estimated time of arrival = ETA, time when goal will be reached
  9. Flight time = Time elapsed since takeoff
  10. Flight level = Flight level altitude
  11. Current L/D = Currently achieved Glide ratio
  12. Ground speed = Speed over ground, measured by GPS
  13. Height above ground = AGL
  14. Required glide ratio = Required glide ratio to reach current target
  15. Required altitude = Required altitude to reach goal
  16. Task arrival altitude = Altitude to be gained to reach Task finish point (negative when below final glide)
  17. Task distance = Remaining distance to be flown on task
  18. Task req glide ratio = Required glide ration to reach Task finish point
  19. Thermal vario = Average climb rate since start of thermal
  20. Track = Current direction of movement
  21. Wind = Wind direction and strength
  22. Optimized distance (Opt) = Optimization over a preselected number of waypoints (default is OLC optimization)
  23. Closed optimized distance (cOpt) = Optimization of flight if you return back to the point of takeoff
  24. Triangle distance (Tri) = Optimized triangle (Note: It will show up Title as FAI Tri when proportions are correct)
  25. Tri20% = distance until FAI triangle 20% rule is satisfied 
  26. Speed Last hour (60′.Sp) = Average speed achieved in the last 60 minutes
  27. Distance from takeoff (dToff) = Distance to the Takeoff
  28. Altitude gained (AltGain) = Altitude you gained/lost from the entry in the last (current) thermal
  29. GPS Altitude (GPSAlt) = GPS altitude

You can configure many of the visual display parameters of the Navboxes via: Menu > Graphics 

This offers various options for color, line width etc.

Updated on March 29, 2021

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