Navigate to a target

Navigating to a target is a basic functionality of SeeYou Navigator. Setup Navboxes that will help you navigate around your course and reach the goal.

SeeYou Navigator helps you navigate home easily. As soon as takeoff is detected, the app starts to navigate towards takeoff location.

You can navigate back to takeoff at any time during the flight. Tap on the Target Navbox, scroll down and select “Takeoff” as your destination.

Choose target from a list

To change the target which is used for all your navigation and final glide calculations, simply tap on Target navbox or select Menu > Target panel from the main menu. 

You are presented with choices of:
. List of nearest landable points (sorted by distance from your current position)
. List of your waypoints that are currently in use

. Recently used targets (last 3 targets that you have used for navigation)

. A quick list of interesting targets such as nearest landing option, last thermal, soaring begin & takeoff. Only items with sensible data are displayed

… and just in case you don’t want to navigate to a target at all, you can choose to clear the target

Choose target from the map

To change the navigation target, you can also tap on the map and press “Go to” for any visible map feature. It can be your custom waypoint, airport from the Naviter database, mountain top, mountain pass, or town/city name.

You can also long-tap on any arbitrary location and choose “Go to”. That way you can navigate to any location on earth.

Reachable airports

SeeYou Navigator / Oudie N will automatically show the reachability of the airports, including Arrival altitude and Required L/D. You can navigate to any of them by the methods explained above.

Reachability data (green color coding of the airfield, Arrival altitude, and Required L/D labels) is shown only when in-flight!

Updated on May 9, 2024

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