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Target name (Target)Name of selected waypoint.
Distance to target (Dis)  Distance from position to currently selected target through the shortest route to goal.
Steering course (To) Degrees difference between Bearing to target and Track over ground.
Bearing to target (Brg)Direction towards the selected waypoint.
Magnetic bearing to target (MagBrg)Magnetic course to fly to get to the target.
Speed over ground (GS)   Groundspeed. Shows negative value if the difference between heading and track is > 90 degrees.
Local time (Time)  UTC time from GPS corrected by time zone set in the Units dialog.
Arrival time (ETA)Estimated time of arrival to the selected waypoint.
Estimated time enroute (ETE)Estimated time remaining to arrive at selected waypoint.
Nearest airport (Near Apt)  Name of the nearest airport. By default, tapping on this Navbox opens airport properties dialog.
Inverted Distance to target (DisInv) Distance to selected target in inverted units as currently selected units. I.e. if currently displayed units are kilometers, this distance will be in nautical miles.
Dist to TP (DistTP)The distance to selected center of turnpoint.
Distance to OZ (DistOZ)The shortest distance to currently selected Observation Zone (Cylinder, Line, FAI sector).
Steering course to last thermal (ToLT)Difference in degrees between Bearing to last thermal and Track over ground.
Dist to last thermal (DisLT)      Distance to the last thermal.
GPS Status (GPS)Status of the GPS signal. (NODATA, BAD, OK, 2D, 3D/x).
Battery info (Bat)Displays battery status. (Full, Chrg (Charging), Ext (External) or % full).
Distance from takeoff (dToff)Distance to the Takeoff.
Updated on March 12, 2021

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