Pilot Event (PEV) Start Procedure

Pilot Event Start procedure is used in glider competitions to improve safety and spread gaggles around the task. A pilot needs to press the Pilot Event (PEV) button before starting the task.

Setup task parameters

There are several ways to enter a task in SeeYou Navigator. You can enter it manually, Load from Soaring Spot, scan a QR code or load it from recently flown tasks (read more).

Once you have loaded a task, you can change the Start procedure from “Start anytime” to “PEV Start” procedure. Then you can define the two required parameters:

  • PEV Wait Time = The time you need to wait for your personal start gate to open after you press the PEV button
  • PEV Window = How long your personal start gate window is open

Starting the task

To be able to start the task, you need the PEV button on the screen.

If you have selected the PEV Start procedure, then pressing the Pilot Event Maker button will start the countdown timers for your personalized opening of the start gate.

The following information will be displayed in the notification panel until the start gate is open:

  • Start Closed = You need to wait until it opens
  • Opens in = Minutes and seconds until your personal start gate will open
  • Time to go = When do you need to start moving towards the start line in order to get there exactly when it opens. Negative time means that you will arrive before the gate will open.
  • Speed to start = Average groundspeed you need to get to the start gate when it opens

When the start window is open for you, the notification panel will change:

  • Start open = You may cross the start line now
  • Closes in = Time until your personalized start window will close
  • Close time = Local time when your personalized start window will close

Re-starting the task

You can press the PEV button at any time to reset the counters. When you do that the counters are reset and you have to wait until the start will open for you again.

Some competitions apply a maximum number of times you may press the PEV button. SeeYou Navigator doesn’t have any such limit.

Flying and finishing the task

After starting the task, everything behaves the same as flying on a regular Racing or AAT task.

Updated on May 19, 2023

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