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Plan Assigned Area Tasks with SeeYou

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Assigned Area tasks are growing increasingly popular with Competition organizers. They test imagination and forecasting ability of the competing pilots. They also offer safety in terms of being able to avoid a difficult to predict bad weather areas.

In Assigned Area tasks, pilots must pass pre-declared areas in a given order. The fixes that produce longest distance (one from each area) become actual waypoints used for distance and speed computations. 

To design an Assigned Area Task, follow this procedure:

1. Design a normal task

2. Choose Edit->Task Properties

3. Change Type to “Assigned Area Task”

4. Choose Observation Zones tab

5. Design each observation zone separately.To Assign an assigned are task to a flight or competition day, select Edit > Assign Task while viewing the flight or competition day. 

Updated on March 11, 2021

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